Founded in 2010, Candy Rox is a destination where people of all ages can be like kids in a candy store. Modern and edgy with a distinctly nostalgic aftertaste, Candy Rox draws inspiration from decades of music and pop culture.


    Kids and parents alike come running to this confectionary hot spot to snag epic amounts candy, retro treats, and must-have gifts – everything from headphones and concert posters to party favors, jewelry, PJs, and the the hippest accessories. Candy Rox has something special for everyone.


    Keeping it fresh is important to us, so we’re always looking out for the latest trends, craziest new flavors, and unique products and ideas to cram inside our graffiti-tagged walls.


    At Candy Rox, we want our customers to be happy with each and every aspect of their shopping experience, and that includes the complimentary gift wrapping for which we have become so well-known. Whether we’re wrapping a single birthday gift, a whole bunch of party favors, or a customized gift basket, we put an immense amount of thought, care, and – of course – creativity into each and every detail.  


    Candy Rox is located in Bronxville, NY. 
    Being a part of our community is important to us, whether it be through the schools, the Chamber of Commerce or other local charities. It’s been a privilege to hire local high school students and a pleasure to see the impact we’re able to make on their lives. Providing a place where local tweens and teens can hang out – where they won’t be shushed or rushed out the door – makes Candy Rox the place to be.


    Really, what Candy Rox is…is freedom and candy for all. Come on in and see for yourselves why Candy Rox has made such a splash in New York and beyond.