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Zip and Pop Pencil Case

Zip and Pop Pencil Case

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ZIPIT ZIP & POP Box combines the popular fidget toy with smart storage and is just what children need at school, at home, or at play dates. The sensory playful silicone pop top and colorful printed bottom are simply irresistible.

 Playful & Fun Storage

This playful storage box is designed to help children find fidget relief with a playful silicone pop top guaranteed to keep little hands busy. Unlike traditional plastic cases, the ZIPIT & POP Storage Box will never crack or break. The molded outer shell is durable and protective, and the soft anti-scratch interior will gently cradle all that is within. The large single compartment measures 21x13.5x7.5CM / 8.3”x5.3”x2.9” and delivers fortified storage possibilities for all your school, and home essentials. The material and construction ensure great quality and add a playful toy function to this fun storage solution.
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