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Keanu Reeves Adult Coloring Book

Keanu Reeves Adult Coloring Book

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Let Keanu melt your heart! Crush and Color: Keanu Reeves is a collection of daydreams come to life on incredible coloring pages. Immerse yourself in more than 35 completely unique, life-like drawings of Hollywood's brooding sweetheart. 

Admire him as he revs his engine on a winding coastline, immerse yourself in his dreamy gaze across a dinner table, and get swept up in his good-natured endeavors. Color your way to a dreamier day with romance, intrigue, and a smoldering gaze on each page!

  • 80 pages
  • Paperback book
  • More than 35 hand-drawn Reeves moments
  • Illustrated by Maurizio Campidelli
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