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Candy Paint

Candy Paint

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Our Candy Rox Paint Cans are filled with your favorites! Choose from 6 options.

Can size: 4" x 4"

Weight: 1.5lbs


a. Milk Chocolatey Mix - Combo of triple dipped malt balls, chocolate covered pretzel balls, brownie bites, cookie dough and caramel bites.

b. Super Sour Mix - Sour strawberry belts, sour patch watermelon, green apple sour belts and neon sour worms.

c. Cola Delight - Sour cola bottles, cola gummies, sour cherry cola bottles.

d. Red Licorice Jam - Strawberry licorice wheels, licorice bites, licorice Scottie dogs and licorice lace.

e. Yummy Gummies - Gummy worms, assorted Swedish fish, Gummy dinosaurs, and 12 flavored gummy bears.

f. Just a Good Mix! - Mike and Ike’s Mega Mix, blue raspberry puffs, strawberry puffs, and wild berry skittles mix.

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